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„A CD that could really be considered trend-setting in dealing with one of the great masters of music history.“ Hessischer Rundfunk http://bit.ly/2hnk5TI

„5***** Bach for the 21st century!“ Ohrenmensch.de, http://bit.ly/2zvr3dN

„BachSpace is a surprising journey of sound from baroque to the 21st century where the protagonists encounter Bach’s music courageously in an unconventional way and with great joy of playing.“ Norddeutscher Rundfunk http://bit.ly/2m8JGBn

"Demonstrating both how powerful and timeless his body of works is, but also how - when placed between good hands - it is the seed to beautiful original material, and a moment of pure musical bliss, crossing the bridge between the past and today.“ Doug Thomas, http://bit.ly/2AxLV4a

„The Thomas cantor would surely enjoy the way new sounds emerge from his timeless musical ideas.“ Kulturradio.de http://bit.ly/2AwEeLV

BachSpace is the genre-breaking project created by Swiss sound designer and composer Tomek Kolczynski, violinist Etienne Abelin and Neue Meister pianist Tamar Halperin.

The ensemble combines famous violin and keyboard sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach with electronic compositions to create new entities. This technique, which was referred to as a "pasticcio" in the Baroque era, lends the themes and motifs of Bach's music a contemporary dimension.

BachSpace has performed at Montreux Jazz Festival, the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Thüringer Bachwochen, the Bachfesttage Koethen, the Niedersächsische Kulturtage (with Special Guest Countertenor Andreas Scholl), DRIVE Berlin (with Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin and arrangements by Jherek Bischoff), Klassik Underground Munich of the Bayerischen Rundfunk, Lounge Amadé at Würzburger Mozartfest, Gare du Nord Basel, the Musikfest Stuttgart a.o.

The first record, released in September 2017 by label Neue Meister, includes four hybrid works; "Vintage Moon", "Electric Rain", "Hiraeth" and "999” named constellations as a nod to the creation of meaningful patterns of disparate entities. The beauty of the album is in the way Bach’s melodies and harmonic sequences are reinterpreted with traditional instruments and modern music technology, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in a unique symbiosis of electronic and organic sounds.